Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Blog

First I will start off by mentioning that blogging for me wasn’t a new concept coming into this class. I guess the main reason why I liked to blog was because I was never really criticized for my writing. I wrote about whatever it is I wanted and people would read it. Throughout our 10 week course we wrote a post once a week. After posting your blog post you would comment on each other’s blogs. I found this course to be a great experience. I wasn’t the best writer coming into the class but with the teacher and other students around me they could help me critique my writing and making it worth reading; I’ve put more effort into my papers as well as my posts. Blogging can be a great experience for many people because it lets you talk about whatever it is you want and people will more than likely read it.

Blogs are good for a lot of reasons: One being that if you are not a person who speaks out loud and never gives an opinion then blogging works to your advantage. They’re your words and your thoughts. They’re no limits when it comes to blogging. If people like what you have to say they will read it and come back for more. You might even run into people who will criticize your thoughts but not everyone is going to like what you have to say.

The people who read blogs are the ones who probably love to write and read: People who have many things on their mind and love to give their opinion and beliefs. I can say that I read blogs because I am interested in what people what to say. I am an open-minded person and will listen to just about anyone’s thoughts. I know that when I write a post it’s like your thoughts are at the tip of your fingers and you can write about whatever it is you want. There are no restrictions; your mind and a keyboard. I feel that it can reach out to people. Many people in the internet world have a knack for blogging (Check out Truth Percieved for a great example). They’re so good at what they do that they have levels for how good your blog is.

I know from my experience that blogging has its cons: I will read just about anyone’s blog but one thing that turns me away from the very beginning is poor grammar. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know it all but clear and concise writing will keep a reader going along. If you have misspelled words and a lot of slang you may not stick around for too long. Another con would be that anyone can comment on your blog; this may result in someone leaving a rude or negative comment. This could cause you to lose your since of confidence as a blogger.

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. There really isn’t any harm in blogging in my opinion. This blogosphere allows you to open your mind and speak your thoughts. It can’t be a great stress reliever: letting you just pour out your thoughts. Blogging to me has helped me practice my writing; the more I want to write about the more I will learn. I guess the most important thing about a blog is that it connects you with people around the world: whatever it is you’re blogging about, someone out there feels that same way. You can build many relationships with people that may become loyal to your blog and leave comments to you just about every day.

That’s all folks!

Enjoy the Spring – I know I will!




  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my last post. I can relate well with you, I like reading others thoughts; moreover, like you, a great attention grabber is good grammar--hard to read blogs can be annoying. However, when you really get into blogging, you will see real quick that the faithful (serious) bloggers are all good at writing--comes with the territory.

    Keep it up, you are a great writer and blogging only helps in your skills and thoughts. Oh yeah, thanks for citing me in your post here--really appreciate it. God bless you, FT

  2. Fitz--

    Some food for thought. It is interesting, isn't it, how willingly we will disregard the message if it isn't presented in language that enables us to access it? There are many different reasons for infelicitous grammar in any given post, and certainly not every reason is due to some fault of the writer. Nevertheless, those posts that suggest that great care was taken in their crafting will undoubtedly attract a larger audience.

    Thanks for a great class!