Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey ya'll,

Alrighty, back into the swing of things. First things first, raise your hand if you're enjoying this weather? I'm sure about 99% of you have your hand up or well in your mind you do. It's a great feeling when the sun is out and just about EVERYONE is in a good mood, it really doesn't get any better. But this is Ohio - I'm almost positive this won't last long.

I've dated Kalea for about 4 years now and one thing that keeps me loving her is her 'bratty' ways. Call me crazy but she just has a cute way of getting what she wants; it also doesn't help that I am a pushover when it comes to her. She is very high maintenance, she has a great sense of fashion and always has her own look. If I had to compare her to any celebrity it would be Ashlee Simpson. People always mistaken her for Ashlee.

One of the things I love to do most for Kalea would be taking care of her: when she's sick, or if she needs or wants something and I am by all means not rich, but I would do whatever it takes to make her happy.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy the weather...if it stays how it is.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Response Blog

Hey folks, this weeks blog is going to be a complete 180. We're going to come to a short stop on my blog and take a detour and talk about someone else's blog and write a response to it. I know it's a change of pace but bare with me it's just for this week.

The person I am blogging about and going to write a response to is a blogger I have been keeping up with for the past month or so. This guy writes about things that piss him off and he goes off on little rants that make him mad through every day life. So check out his blogs "Things That Piss Me Off"
His lasted blog is his top 3 things that have pissed him off lately and his first topic up to bat is:

His Rant: Pennsylvania Judges accused of Jailing Kids for Cash - how Pennsylvania judges accepted millions of dollars from a juvenile detention center to have kids sent to them. "The judges would go and have hearings with no lawyers that would last two minutes then sentence the kids to the juvenile center. Now first and for most those judges are ass holes who's egos are so big they feel compelled to destroy young lives for money."-Things that piss me off.

My Opinion: I really don't find this hard to believe actually, our government is full of people who have made plenty of mistakes and have lied right to our faces. I do however agree that we have rights and that the kids that were sent to juvi should have had a lawyer.

His rant: South Carolina Cops Making Arrests in Phelps Case: In this article it says that cops are busting people for marijuana possessions and drilling them with questions about the swimmer Phelps. "Now first off i just have to say, I don't look down on Phelps for his actions I just look down on him for being such a dumb ass and not hiding it better. I really don't give a shit what celebrities do in there private lives. Just don't let it leek out into public, i know sometimes its hard because of the paparazzi. In Phelps case it was some person with a picture phone that blew his cover."-Things that piss me off.

My Opinion: I recently commented on this blog when he first posted it and this was my reponse: "Micheal Phelps - He wasn't using his noggin' was he? I'd have to agree with ya on that one. Although smoking pot probably wasn't the best choice but if you're going to do it, try not having people snap photos of you, I mean YOU'RE AN OLYPIAN GOLD MEDALIST. I just feel bad for people that thought of him as someone to idolize. Regardless, he is a great swimmer, let's just hope that Mary Jane doesn't slow him down."

His rant:Scientist Eye Debris after Satellite Collision: In the article it explains that a Russian and American satellites collided sending debris everywhere. Which could hurt other satellites, or even the Hubble Telescope. "Now I don't have much to say about this but "nice driving boys." We litter our planet now we have even started to pollute our space orbit. Now don't get me wrong i think space stuff is sweet shit, but I'm just saying as a race people very junkie. No sweet though I'm sure our kids will clean it up."- Things that piss me off

My Opinion- Haha, I really just thought this was interesting/funny. You would think something like this would never happen but indeed it did. I'd have to say I don't know much about what had happended or what is even going on up there but we have some smart people in this world working for NASA, who would have thought?

Things that piss me off is a one of a kind blogger, they're are many things you find you have in common with him or many things you disagree with. He puts humor into his writing and makes it interesting to read each week.
That's all folks,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 3

Ever wonder what it takes to make a relationship sucessful? Well, here are in my opinion ways to make a relationship work.

1. Trust - If you don't have trust in the person you're dating then you'll most likely have many issues with that person. Fights will occur like no other and no one likes when things are hidden from them. Trust is probably the most vital and if this is maintained then your relationship will be strong within itself
2. Forget the past - You might be starting to talk to someone who has a horrible track record when it comes to being in relationships. The past is sometimes the hardest thing to get over but if you're the right person for this guy/girl then you will sucessfull in taking that person's spot who was probably never going to be remove for that person's mind. You don't want to be with someone who carries a lot of baggage and I don't mean someone who has a lot of accessories, I mean somone who is known for having many guy/girl friends and they are almost like they're in your relationship too.

3. Sense of Humor- Everybody needs laughter. You need someone who is full of life and that can make you laugh. Best thing you can do is joke around with your partner and get a kick out of life. The littlest things are sometimes the best things.
Now, I'm sure they're plenty more things you need to maintain a successfull relationship but these to me are very important. Trust the person you're dating until otherwise, forget the person's past, if they're the right person for you they won't repeat any mistakes they've made. Find that person who makes you're stomach hurt so much from laughing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

All You Need Is Love

Have you ever thought you met your soul mate or do you even believe in soul mates at all? Well, for me, it’s yes to both. I grew up with a girl I consider my best friend; I have known her since I was in kindergarten. She is the reason of why I believe in having a soul mate. For this essay, I am writing about a special person in my life that I call my soul mate. I will tell you about one specific time I had with her and my reason for why I call her my soul mate. Since I am at a young age in my life, people would probably just call this puppy love but to me it’s much more than that.

It was my sophomore year of high school and I had just got my license. After your freshmen year you kind of know what to expect what high school will be like: getting your license, going to parties, and dating girls. All of these happened in a flash for me. I recently had just started dating my best friend at this time and wanted to take her out for dinner and a movie, a typical thing to do for kids in high school. When I had got my license there was only one flaw to do this, I had a very crappy car. While being in high school I had it in my head that you just weren’t cool if you didn’t have a nice car. However, for me this wasn’t the case; I thought of myself as a pretty cool guy but didn’t have the cool car to go along with it.

It was the first date I went on with having my license. I wanted to impress her so much, I had butterfly’s in my stomach and was ready to be a complete gentlemen by; paying for dinner and movie, opening the door for her, telling her she looked pretty, all that Casa Nova kind of thing. But here we are, in my beat up ’94 Honda Accord, which was loaded with rust and had a hideous maroon color paint job. I apologized to her for having to be picked up in such a dreadful looking car. She replied saying “It’s not a big deal at all, we’ll have a good time and that’s all that matters.” It was simply things like that, that made me feel good about the date.

As were driving, were listening to music, talking about whatever, it was all just real comfortable because of how much alike we are and how we just click. When we arrived to our favorite restaurant Olive Garden, we couldn’t wait to satisfy our bellies with some good ol’ Italian food. After our delicious meal, we wanted to go catch a flick. When it came to picking out a movie and was like stealing candy from a baby; it was seriously so easy. We decided on a movie called “Failure to Launch”. She’s so easy to get along with and since we’re so much alike it made it that much easier to find something we both would enjoy.

Okay, so we’re leaving the movie and we come walking out and it’s pouring down rain; I mean it looked like a hurricane outside. Now remember my car should have been in a junk yard somewhere. We get in my car and I start it up and get ready to take off and I noticed that my windshield wipers won’t even work, and I am almost out of gas. At this point I thought to myself “this just cannot be happening to me. Things were going so well the whole night and something just had to come up. Now, this means I would have to sit there until it was safe to drive and leave the car on so she wouldn’t be cold. What was most important to me was that I wanted to impress her so much and wanted her to think I had everything in control. This obviously wasn’t the case and she could tell that I was very upset by me not even saying a word to her and looking away thinking in my head how bad this sucks. She then said me, “You don’t have to try so hard to have everything go the way I want them to.” Now this is where she just made me love her for who she is, she always knows exactly what to say. “I don’t care about what kind of car you drive or how much money you have, I like you for you, and what we have as a couple. After hearing her say this to me, made me completely fall in love with her.

There are many reasons why I believe this girl is my soul mate but that specific story is one I will always remember. It’s hard to tell people how a feel about such a person like her. She makes everything feel just right. I couldn’t ask for a better friend in this world. Whether we end up together down the road or not, I know she will always be a part of my life.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Puppy Love

Hey Ladies and Gents, This week’s blog is going to be about the time I got Kalea a dog. This perhaps is the best thing that has happen to her and I. I’m not a fan of small dogs but this little guy is a trooper. After I had graduated from high school, I had a graduation party and this brought in A LOT of money. I decided I would go buy a dog for Kalea. Little did I know that this would cost an arm and a leg but that’s seriously how much she means to me. Anything to see a smile on her face made me happy.

Now, I didn’t plan on spending a lot of money on a dog but I did and now that I have him, I don’t think we would ever give him up. We put quite some time into looking for a dog and luckily enough we talked to a friend of ours at school and his mother is a Yorkie breeder (the dog she just HAD to have).

When went to go check out the puppies the breeder had to offer, as soon as we walked in Kalea just lit up; she seriously fell in love at first sight. She had spotted out the dog she had wanted. I then knew that soon my wallet would have a huge dent in it. (haha). It’s alright though; you can’t put a price on love.

People always ask, “What happens if you guys break up, who gets the dog?” To me it was a present for her, I would be an A*Hole if I decide “hey, you’re not keeping it”. I’m not like that. So it would for sure be hers.

Thanks for reading.

You stay classy bloggers