Friday, April 10, 2009


T.G.I.F. - I feel like these weeks go by so quick. I'm buried in so much homework that time flies. I'm actually liking it though. I have one tough class and that is Math: It's the worst subject for me and I try to avoid it at all costs. I absolutely love my English class; We get to watch movies and play video games but there's always a catch, you have to write about them. It's really not bad at all. We have to watch or play something we've never saw before and I'm watching the television series of House and I don't regret it. If you get the chance check it out, it plays on Fox on Monday's at 8pm.

I get to watch my favorite band in the world in concert on April 14th, Jack's Mannequin. They're a band from Orange County, California. Andrew McMahon (lead singer) he's a mad man on the piano. Absolutely amazing. I'm pumped to see them, I've seen them a number of times already. They're a up-and-coming band, they have a couple of videos that made it to MTV. Their most recent is "The Resolution." That's where I got the title to my revamped blog. Check them out on YouTube.

I'm a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan. I get on their web sit everyday and hope to find that they've picked up someone good on the offseason. Recently, that has been the case and things look to be positive. We have been known to have a few mishaps in the offseason and just today one of those came about. Leon Hall (safety) was picked up in Ohio for DUI. I mean, come on! After what happen to Dante Stallworth from the Browns (if you didn't know...He was drinking and driving and killed a 59 year old guy in Florida) You would think he would know better. All I really want is the Bengals to have a good season, at least make it to the playoffs. Every year I say this is going to be our break out season but I really do feel that way. Carson Palmer is back. Chad Ocho Cinco might be on his way to the Oakland Raiders. However, we did lose T.J. Houshyomomma but we are on a good path. I will always be a Bengals fan....WHO-DEY!

I'm also a big Lakers fan. Kobe Bryant is the man. I do like the Cavs and I'll have to say only because the King, LeBron James but who would like them if he wasn't on the team? Anyways, there both duking it out for the best team in the NBA but I don't think there fit to put up a fight with the L.A. Lakers.

Need a good laugh? play.

That's it. Have a great Easter weekend, if anyone is even paying attention. haha.




  1. Nice post, I too am taking a tough Math class this quarter, but as well, my English class is cool--helps take the pressure of the Math.

    Must be a English thing, that those who enjoy English take Math rather abrasively.

    Have an eventful Easter, and God Bless--FT

  2. Just in case you are one of "those bloggers" (ha-ha) who don't come back to check replies towards your comments, thought I would let you know, I wrote a reply--check it out, if you like.

    God bless you, FT